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COVID-19 Reopening


The Play Space is now OPEN for NORMAL business hours!

We wanted to take some time to explain the changes that you will see when you come visit.

1. First and foremost, we are already known for our detailed cleaning but its going to be ramped up even more, you will see our staff cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the day.

2. We have spaced the lounge chairs and cafe tables to create social distance.

3. When you arrive, there may or not be a line, please observe the markers on the

ground to maintain social distance while we get everyone inside.

4. The stamp system will remain the same except the stamper will be disinfected after every family.

5. We will be taking every visitors temperature at the gate with a no-touch thermometer, if anybody has a temperature at or over 100.4, they will not be allowed in.

6. We will only allow short queues at the cafe, if there are no floor markers available to stand, please wait for the next opening.

7. While not required, we are asking adults to stay out of the playground for the time being, just let the kids have at it for now. Baby and toddler areas will remain available for adults to join their little ones.

8. All Play Space employees and adult customers are required to wear masks as mandated by Harris County. Masks are not required for customers under the age of 10 years old and those with certain health conditions.

9. Small toys and balls will be removed from the play area for now.

10. Our occupancy is being limited to 50 % by state law, which is about 250 guests.

We want you to know that your safety is important to us, so please help us out so we can give the kids of our community a fun place to get all that pent-up quarantine energy out!

We truly cannot wait to see you all again!

All of these measure will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

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